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Michael Thompson
United States
Sup and welcome to my page. I'm a spriter, artist, music maker who loves spending all his free time playing video games. I'm a fan of anything nintendo, the Resident Evil series, Pokemon, and pretty much everything else. I own a Xbox360, Playstation 3, a 3DS, and a Wii so if you want to friend me on any of those just shoot me a message first and I will be friends with you.

Favourite genre of music: anything but rap
Was sent a message the other day to review a game, and due to wanting to be anonymous when I wrote a review, I didn't think much of it at the time, but my god now I understand why. First off, based on the Video game rating system we are all used too, I would be made to rate this game 21+, which I'll explain later in the review. Second off, how brutal and sick this game is. I have played many horror games and none of them bothered me as much as this one. There is even a level in the game that makes the main character, a 14 year old girl, naked for who knows how long. (Still haven't finished the game.)

This is a indie game made by 237 Mr. Mr. and he put a lot of thought and sadistic things into this game that made me nervous a good portion of the game. I'm on level 5 I think and just feeling weird-ed out by the level since it is the naked part for who knows how long. And I believe there is a lot more to the game. The whole game is in Japanese but you can find a English port of the game but with no audio, I'll add download links at the end of this for anyone interested in playing this dark game. The genre of the game I would say is a action, adventure, horror game. All free to play and again, links at the bottom.

Story: You play as a 14 year old girl named Kunikai Sakuri who awakes one day not in her room, but in a labyrinth in hell and now must escape or die. (Over 60 death animations, fine or avoid them all for fun) You must fight your way through 7 floors, each with a boss and monsters. Not much to it besides that, basic story idea.

Graphics: Graphic wise, the game is pretty good, more so in certain parts, lacking in others, no big surprise. Each death is played out and is very graphic with some small things you can notice if you look hard enough. Such as eyes popping out and other things. The bosses all have a unique look to them and really explain the level they are in, but there are some that don't. Didn't even know I made it past the first boss till after the second boss. Doesn't help it is a normal monster later on too. In the top right of the screen, you can find a portrait of the main character in great pixelated detail and with each form of expression along with face she can make for pain.

Controls: Pretty basic controls but can cause problems if you are feeling rushed (Third boss) Arrow keys to move, down arrow being to crouch and crawl when used with left or right, where up can be used to go in some doors. Z to use things from inventory, shake off monsters, and use what little weapons you can. X to cancel a throwing item and used to run when used with left or right. Space bar to open inventory, which you must hold to be able to use an item. A to turn on and off the portrait of the main character, which I advise against due to it also being your health bar. R is to restart where you left off, problem is you can't use it the moment you mess up, you have to watch every second of her death, every agonizing second of it. The game has a auto save function that also lets you do a level select after you beat it, which is pretty useful so you don't have to go through the full game over and over again.

Difficulty: This game is more of a learn from your mistakes sort of game, but with a hard learning curve for a good part of the game. The fact that you have to use R to reset back to your last auto save is helpful when you die, minus the fact you have to watch the full death first before you can use it. Most of the deaths might be quick where some feel like they don't end. The fact that there is a auto save along with a level select does help a lot in case you need to turn the game off in case you have to stop playing.

Over all I give this game a 4/5 due to a lot of it being well made, with the occasional glitch from time to time being a small amount of damage when you hit R due to the damage animation continuing for about half a second. The game is pretty unnerving to some and not recommended for everyone, but you are free to check the game out yourself if you are feeling brave enough to try.

Japanese with audio:…

English with no audio:…

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